1. General Terms and Conditions:

4U2 Go, Unipessoal, Lda., as a rental company and the renter, duly identified in the Specific Conditions, enter into a rental contract under these general terms and conditions, specific conditions and tables mentioned in this document and, in every matter omitted, the applicable Portuguese law shall be applied.

  1. Minimum age and driving permission:
    • The renter guarantees the vehicle is driven only for him or for the other driver’s authorized by the rental company on the contract or in attached document. All of the authorized driver’s have to be more than 21 years old and with a driving license with more than 2 years.
    • Not showing, at the time of pick up, a valid driving document under the terms mentioned above, will imply the cancelation of the reservation without returning any amount already paid.
    • Only the renter and other drivers mentioned in the specific conditions are entitled to drive the vehicle.
  2. Rental prices:
    • The rental prices per day are listed on the table of the rental company.
    • The rental price per day includes a daily limit of 400 kilometres.
    • The rental price per day includes VAT at the legal rate in force.
    • Prices and minimum rental days vary according to the season and are listed on the table mentioned in 3.1.
    • The total value of the rental contract is a result of the multiplication of the rental price per day of a specific season by the number of rental days.
    • The rental price of optional equipment is listed on the price list of the rental company.
    • The rental period starts on the delivery date of the vehicle to the renter until its return to the rental company.
    • Pick ups and drop offs are made at 10AM from Monday to Saturday, with a tolerance of 60min.
    • Pick ups or drop offs made Sunday or bank holidays adds a fee of €75,00.
  3. Pre-booking and Booking:
    • Upon the choice of dates and number of people by the renter, the rental company will have 48 hours to confirm the availability of vehicles.
    • After confirmation of the vehicle availability, the renter will have 8h to book it, otherwise the pre-booking will expire..
    • After receiving the payment the booking becomes confirmed.
    • If the renter cancels the booking already in place, the following cancellation fees must be payed:
      • Until 60 days before pick up – 25% of total amount
      • Until 30 days before pick up – 50% of total amount
      • Until 15 days before pick up – 75% of total amount
      • Until 8 days before pick up – 95% of total amount
  1. Payment and security deposit:
    • The renter will also pay, as security deposit and as warranty to the faithful observance of the rental contract requirements, the amount of € 2.000,00, by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.


  • With the credit card method is made a buying. Security deposit payments made with credit or debit card adds a non refundable fee of €40,00.
  • The security deposit can be kept for 30 working days, so the rental company has time to confirm the vehicle is in the same conditions.
  • Whenever the vehicle is found to be defective by misuse, it will be determined the amount the renter will have to pay. Said amount will be deducted from the security deposit, in which connection the renter agrees to settle any differences if the defects exceed the amount of the security deposit made.
  • If an immediate assessment of the damage should not be possible, the rental company shall have a period of 30 days for making the final account and reimbursing the security deposit or asserting possible differences between the latter and the actual expenses for the rectification of the defects.
  • The renter undertakes to pay to the rental company upon vehicle return:
    • Additional kilometres charged in accordance with the table;
    • The amounts charged for tolls, tolls in SCUTS and/or Via Verde parking as a result of vehicle usage during the rental period;
    • Additional charges which result from the fact the vehicle has been returned to a different location from the delivery location previously stipulated.
    • The amounts arising from all kinds of fines and penalties, judicial and extrajudicial costs resulting from traffic violation, aimed at the vehicle while the rental contract is in force, unless they have arisen from the rental company’s liability.
    • In the event that, owing to the renter’s fault, the vehicle is retained or stopped, all costs are his responsibility, including the loss of earnings by the rental company, for the duration of the immobilisation of the vehicle.
    • At the points written above adds a fee of €20,00 (twenty euros) as administration fees.
  1. Insurances:
    • The vehicle is covered with a third-party insurance that covers possible driver’s and the rental company.
    • The renter, can also choose one oh the following covers:

6.2.1 Basic option: €2.000,00 (two thousand euros), includes trip assistance and 1 driver

6.2.2 Excelence option: €2.000,00 (two thousand euros), includes trip assistance, windshield cover, 2 drivers – add €12,00 (twelve euros) per night

6.2.3 Top Excelence option: €2.000,00 (two thousand euros), includes trip assistance, windshield cover, tyre cover, 3 drivers – adds €20,00 (twenty euros) per night.

  • The renter in casa of an accident or misuse of the vehicle is responsibility for the diference between the security deposit and the total of repairing the damaged caused directly or indirectly by him.
  • The renter is responsible for the following procedures in case of an accident:

6.4.1 Communicate to the rental company and authorities any accident, theft, robbery or any other similar problems within the maximum period of 24h after occurring.

6.4.2 Have name, contact, address of all of the witnesses and everyone included in the accident.

6.4.3 The renter is responsible to not leave the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard the vehicle.

6.4.4 The renter has to send to the rental company as soon as the accident occurs the report of the accident made by the authorities.

     6.5.    Is the responsibility of the renter all and any expenses that occurs from repairing the damages (interior and exterior) caused to the vehicle is if not someone else’s fault.

      6.6.       Is the responsibility of the renter every damaged caused by driving the vehicle in unpaved roads, snow or icing roads without using the proper tyres and chains, submersed road and roads that prohibit the circulation for vehicles with less than 2,80mts.

        6.7.     In case an accident occurs because excess speed limit, neglect, drugs, alcohol or pills the client is responsible for every damaged or fines that can occur because of the accident and is also responsible to pay the rental company for the days the vehicle is going to be paralysed until everything is repaired.

       6.9.     Is not covered by any insurance option the following:

                    6.9.1 Damaged in side mirrors , or at the top or bottom of the from windshield, not caused with a collision with someone else.

                     6.9.2 Damaged caused by animals (interior or exterior)

                     6.9.3 Theft or misplacement of any portable equipment’s, in the interior or exterior of the vehicle, just as, kitchen utensils, bed linnen, towels, matress, GPS, bike rack, TV, gas bottles, tyre repair kit, 1st aid kit, electric extensions, etc… is the renter responsibility

          6.10. The renter recognizes that the rental company is not responsibility for any personal luggage or items stolen or lost from inside.

           6.11.  All the insurance chosen are only valid during the contract with the rental company.


  1. Vehicle deliver(check-in):
    • The renter must follow the instructions provided by the rental company upon vehicle delivery.
    • Upon vehicle delivery, a delivery report will be prepared, in which the vehicle condition is included.
    • If, by any reason for which the rental company is not liable, namely for a late return by the previous renter, accident, robbery, breakdown or any other situation that might cause unavailability of the booked vehicle, and if it is not possible to deliver it on the scheduled date or to deliver at all, the rental company commits itself to reimburse the total amount already paid for the vehicle booking or to give an substitute vehicle. If an substitute vehicle is given to the client and the client doesn’t accept, is not given any refund back.
    • The vehicle is delivered with a full tank and clean.
  2. Vehicle drop off:
    • The vehicle must be returned with its keys, accessories and documents to the Rental Company at the return station mentioned in the Rental Contract, at the time and date of the rental expiry mentioned in the Rental Contract.
    • In case of losing the keys the renter has to pay to the rental company the amount of €350,00 (three hundred and fifty euros).
    • Upon vehicle return to the rental company a return report will be issued and signed by both parties.
    • The renter is responsible for any loss or damages in any accessories, equipment or pieces. If any oh the mentioned above is broken or missing the renter has to pay to the rental company.
    • The renter shall be held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle that are not included in the document mentioned in point 7.2.
    • Vehicles shall be returned during the timetables provided by the rental company.
    • If the renter arrives later than it should is forced to pay to the rental company, for each full day or just a fraction of a day, an amount equivalent to twice the daily rate in effect at the date of return.
    • If the renter wishes to extend the rental period he must inform the rental company no later than 3 days before the end of the initial contract.
    • If the renter is not present at the vehicle inspection, by his own decision, he henceforth expressly declares that he accepts as good the evaluation conducted by the rental company.
    • The vehicle shall be returned with a full tank. If the vehicle is delivered with less diesel than it should the renter has to pay the difference to the rental company plus the amount of €30,00 (thirty euros).
    • The return of the vehicle to a location that is different from the one agreed at the beginning of the contract involves a fee of €50,00 (fifty euros) plus €2,00 (two euros) for each km between the initial drop off point and the new one.
    • The vehicle is to be returned with a clean interior and emptied service-water and WC containers. Otherwise an additional cost will be charged according to the tables.
    • In case the drinking-water tank is filled with diesel or any other fuel or the diesel tank is filled with water or any other fuel, the renter shall pay a contractual penalty to an amount of € 750.00.
    • In case of introduction of a different fuel than the one used by the vehicle, the renter is responsible for the costs related to the complete fuel-changeover, disassembling and washing of the tank, engine tuning and other damage caused to the vehicle, without objection of the amounts involved.
  3. Maintenance and interdictions:
    • The renter confirms to have received the vehicle in a flawless technical condition and equipped with the required documentation, the appropriate tools, tyres, and accessories and obliges himself to keep it in a good condition.
    • During the duration of the contract the renter is responsible for the vehicle, as well as for all damage sustained or caused by it, on people or property, whether on himself or third parties.
    • The renter undertakes to use the vehicle with caution.
    • The renter obligates himself to:

9.4.1 Respect all the information panels from the vehicle

9.4.2 Verify the oil and water levels every 500km and reset its levelling if necessary.

9.4.3 Verify tyre pressure and steering alignment every 500km.

9.4.4. Inform the rental company of any mechanical or electric intervention non specified.

9.4.5. If any of the above mentioned situations occurs the renter has to stop the vehicle and inform the rental company to know what to do next.

9.4.6 If everything mentioned above has been full field and the renter still has to occur to any expenses the rental company compromises to refund or the expenses occurred . The expenses have to be registered in the rental company name and VAT nº 513855530.

9.4.7. Is excluded from everything mentioned above problems with the pneumatics, as flat tyres or tyre burst . All the expenses occurred from this in the renter responsibility, except if he choose the top excellence option.

  • The renter accepts that the vehicle cannot be used:
    • to transport goods, therefore breaching customs regulations or any other unlawful practices;
    • to transport passengers or goods in exchange for any kind of compensation or remuneration;
    • to push-start or tow others vehicles or trailers;
    • to participate in sports competitions;
    • by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
    • to transport passengers or goods in contravention of the documentation of the vehicle and other applicable legal provisions;
  • The renter undertakes not to drive the vehicle, without due consent from the rental company, in countries located outside the EU; Failing this can occur in a fine of €5.000,00 (five thousand euros).
  • The renter cannot smoke inside the vehicle . If not comply the rental company charges a fee of €350,00 (three hundreds and fifty euros).
  1. The client discharges the rental company of any responsibility by the loss of any objects forgotten, stored or transported by himself or any other person, in or on the vehicle, during the rental period or following its return to the rental company.
  2. What to do in case of accident:
    • The renter agrees to protect the best interest of the rental company, in case of accident, during the rental period, in the following way:
      • let the rental company know, within no more than 12 hours, of any accident, theft, robbery or fire, even in case of small damage costs and provide the rental company with a detailed report, including sketches of the accident;
      • immediately call the police whenever there is an intervention by third parties or if the vehicle is immobilized;
      • mention in the accident report the circumstances in which the accident occurred, including date, hour, location, names and addresses of all the parties involved and witnesses, as well as registration number, brand, insurance company and number of the insurance policy of the third-party vehicle;
      • do not accept, under any circumstance, blame or liability;
      • do not leave the vehicle without having taken all proper measures of protection.
    • In the case of omission of one of the obligations laid down on this contract, the client will be responsible for the payment of all damages and losses arising from accidents.
    • In the case of theft or robbery, it is mandatory the submission of documentary proof of the complaint to the police, including the stamp of this entity.
  3. Personal data:
    • The renter have to give to the rental company at the beginning of the contract the personal details as driving license and passport/ID of the driver(s), authorizing the rental company to use them for contract effects.
    • The rental company is the only responsible for the personal data of the renter.
    • According to Regulamento Geral de Protecção de Dados (Regulamento (EU) 2016/679 do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho, from the 27 of April of 2016), is guaranteed access to their personal data for the purposes in particular of changing , updating or correcting them.
    • The rental company guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided regarding to the renter credit card.
  4. Applicable law

13.1 In case of dispute the applicable Lay is the Portuguese law.