About Us

Here you find solutions and travel itineraries for a unique and well thought vacation. Whatever you choose, we are ready to make it happen. And wherever you go, GoFree.

A Ideia

Who had the ideia?

The inspiring GoFree story started with a group of friends that made the road to see the world. Inside their motorhomes, Maria, Afonso, Ana e Gonçalo saw the world – a thousand times – and always came back with stories and fantastic adventures to share.

They even have friends that took the free and spontaneous holiday taste, and now their the ones to tell the story.

GoFree… What now?

4 friends came back from their journeys even more amazed with this way to travel and with a lot more to offer to another people with the experiences they planned to themselves. From all of that they created GoFree. GoFree was well thought in all details and matured in the asphalt, that was a step… Or a Km. They can’t exactly explain.

Why should you choose GoFree?

Gofree has a lot more to offer than a simple motorhome renting. 4 friends got together with another friends to suggest experiences they will not forget so soon, for everything that has positivity in discover the world, km by km in a motorhome.

With all the confort and permanent help, your holidays plan are made from the start with no worries. You only have to make the reservation with everything you want and then on the agreed date you only have to appear and enjoy your days on wheels.